We are not just ORGANIC


In forests, we may have observed wild plants and animals to be robust & strong. Have we ever wondered how they are super solid? The answer is "the forest itself" – its canopy, natural multi-cropping, rich nutrients & mountain water makes the flora and fauna strong and unmatchable. This is why our crops are forest born.

Berry & Bean Coffee

Our coffee name, Berry & Bean, comes from berry, which is the fruit of a coffee plant, and bean, which is the seed inside.

  • Zero adulteration
  • No chicory
  • 100% Arabica
We're not instant. We like to take things slow.


Our pepper is grown in the forest canopy along with lemongrass, ginger and turmeric.

  • Zero Adulteration
  • Whole Black
  • Sun Dried
Enjoy your dishes with all the heat and spice of natural pepper.

Total Traceability

At Agremy, from cultivation and harvest to packaging, we manage the entire supply chain. We also sit with the farmers of our farms to regularly educate them about food adulteration, which is unfortunately common nowadays. As a result of this, our farmers actively practice more natural methods to keep up the raw quality of our crops.

Indulge in essentials..

Check out our therapeutic grade essential oils

Good things need not be costly

When a crop is grown organically without spending on chemicals, why is it costly?

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