Initially, our ancestors consumed whatever forests gave them. So taking care of forests was a part of their lifestyle, not a profession. Later, they thought clearing forests and then planting crops was easier to maintain. Since forests showed them the benefits of having varieties of plants under a single roof, our ancestors continued to practice multi-cropping. 


As time passed, with an increase in demand, the quantity required of a crop shot up. Globalisation transformed lives, but it killed curiosity in people by making anything available, anytime for anyone. This overconsumption forced farmers to give more yield within a less span of time. As a result, synthetic fertilisers and pesticides took centre stage in modern farming. We started to compete with the natural pace of nature, and to eat a vegetable or fruit today is like consuming a cocktail of poison along with it.  

The contribution of forests in the environment can never be matched by modern farming techniques. Both of them serve completely different purposes. Forests take care of themselves and give superfoods consistently. We should enjoy it without disturbing its natural pace. It should not be either forestry or agriculture. We have to strike a balance of both. This is where Agremy comes in. 

We do not wipe out senior plants to germinate new ones. Agremy’s farms coexist within their forest family. Our crops soak up the environment and grow without an external boost. This helps us practice natural farming techniques with zero use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Our practices result in affordable, high quality produces that are super nutritious.