When we don’t add chemicals or any extras in organic food compared to the food from modern farming, which is grown using a lot of chemicals, a common question that pops up in our head is, ‘Why should I pay more for organic food? Why are good things always costly?

Common defences from organic brands for charging us more are: fluctuations in supply and demand, less yield in organic farming and high cost of operations. However, the truth is, 70% of the price we pay goes into marketing, packaging, rentals & brand management. So the question here is, are we paying for the produce or the brand? When good things are costly, only one section of people can afford it.

At Agremy, since we practise agroforestry, we are able to produce crops that are affordable & super nutritious. We keep a reasonable price and make our profits. We do not groom our crops according to the market demands, nor add pesticides to boost growth. We grow crops at their natural pace and form.