• Scenario-1

    Think of lab-made kids – constantly fed chemicals – forced to perform better (despite their natural pace of growth) – not letting them meet different people or improving their natural strength – dies soon.

  • Scenario-2

    Now, consider kids naturally born – who are fed healthily by parents – raised in a vibrant diverse community – good exposure to friends and seniors – nurtured as a complete human – leads a prosperous life.

Modern farming writes the first, and we attempt to write the second. You choose.

How Agroforestry Solves More ?


In modern day mono cropping, we clear forest cover first and then the lands are cut into geometric shapes. A single crop is sown throughout the field using hybrid seeds on which chemicals are heavily sprayed. But why do we do this?

The loss of forest cover cannot be replaced in any manner. The quality of crops grown under forest canopy is unmatchable. Mono cropping leads to deprived soil strength, landslides & soil erosion.


There is a need for co-existence of agriculture and forests. This practice is known as agroforestry, where seeds are sown amidst the forest cover.

At Agremy, we employ this method to cultivate our crops where they grow and thrive in communion with other trees and plants, under the forest canopy. As they share the natural resources available on the same land, they grow on their own, with limited human interference.

Modern vs Organic vs Forest farming