Agremy’s only intention is to adopt healthy practices which will postpone further disasters. We cannot undo all the damages that have been inflicted on nature thus far.

The word ‘sustainability’ is famous these days. Casually, it stems from the concept of ‘something is better than nothing’. But are we here just to sustain lives? Don’t we deserve to live a prosperous life? However, if we wish to be content, we should know when to stop doing certain things. The concept of sustainability would never have existed, had we known our limitations.

It’s cynical that we are comfortable with overconsumption today. This is not just the case with plants for food. Trees for furniture, animals for meat & leather, natural resources for manufacturing – we have made everything around us human centric.

There are 1.2 million species on earth but one single species, us humans, are depleting all the surface resources. But we choose to ignore the impacts and consequences, and wait for disasters to scrutinize our actions. This delayed error correction has not helped us.

We are witnesses to an imbalance in weather, temperature and natural resources, which is severely impacting our health. It is time for a reality check on what we take and what we are putting at stake. The less the merrier.