Berry & Bean Coffee

  • Full Arabica
  • Zero Chicory
  • Filter Coffee
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  • Origin

    Kolli Hills

  • Process

    Washed and Fermented

  • Altitude


  • Varietal


  • Forest Type

    Montane Subtropical

  • Type

    Full Arabica

Providing products in their purest and simplest form is always our aim and we wanted to bring this simplicity in naming our product as well. We don’t wish to use tricky names to confuse you. Our coffee name, Berry & Bean, comes from berry, which is the fruit of a coffee plant, and bean, which is the seed inside.

The two common varieties of coffee in India are Arabica and Robusta. The Arabica variety is grown at a high altitude of 1400m and in temperatures ranging from 15-25°C. Robusta is grown at an altitude of 800m, at a higher temperature. But Arabica is naturally sweeter compared to Robusta. Most brands use a large amount of chicory in their coffee. They have about 30-40% of chicory, so it’s better to question whether we are drinking coffee or ‘chicfee’. Chicory does not have any of the healthy oils and aromatics present in a coffee bean. It is okay to add 10-15% chicory, but that will take away the benefits of the original Arabica. So, we insist on bringing coffee in its purest form to you. Berry and Bean is a full Arabica coffee without chicory.

Kolli Hills is the herbal hub of Eastern Ghats & home to 64 rare native medicinal plants. Here, our coffee is grown in an agroforestry system – amidst plants like ginger, turmeric, pepper and jackfruit trees.

Berry and Bean is grown using a complete zero waste process. We utilise the entire coffee plant, from its bean to husk. We don’t wish to satisfy your taste buds alone. Our first focus is on your health and then your cravings. Hence, we are constantly involved in practices to bring wholesome products.

A question that often troubles us is, ‘If no extra chemicals or synthetic fertilisers are added in organic farming, why are organic products costlier?’ If good things are always expensive, only a certain section of people will be able to afford it. We grow our crops using forest farming techniques without any fertilisers or pesticides. Nature ensures the healthy growth of crops. We believe in making coffee directly sourced from nature accessible to all, at a reasonable price.

We're not instant. We like to take things slow.

Know what you eat

  • 01 Coffee sappling

  • 02 Fully grown plant

  • 03 Harvested berries

  • 04 Berry to Bean (process)

  • 05 Roasted beans

  • 06 Coffee powder

Shocking adulterants in coffee

  • We are aware of chicory adulteration in coffee. Some of the "other" shocking adulterants are Chickpea, corn, date seeds, soya bean, wheat.

  • The 'cuppa' that you are sipping, is it 100% coffee or blended with chicory robbing you of the pleasures of enjoying the perfect brew?

    -The New Indian Express

  • The term 'pure coffee' can only be must to describe single ingredient produce and not blended with chicory


    (Source: The Hindu Business Line)

  • Most coffee brands contain about 30-40% chicory so it's better to questions where we are drinking Coffee or 'Chicfee'.

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